There are a great many aspects to psychism. The most common is the ability to see the future or contact the dead. Others assume a psychic can read their mind or tell what’s in their pocket. The truth is – each gift is as unique as a person is. Below is a summary of many commonly known psychic terms. A person may have one or even all of these abilities as a ‘Psychic’.

  • Clairvoyance: the ability to see events that will come to pass in the future. Also an ability to see places, events and people without physically being present.
  • Clairaudience: the ability to hear the voice or sounds of spirits or other other non-physical entities.
  • Clairsenstinence: the ability to physically feel or sense psychic energy, spirits or other energies.
  • Empath: one who emotionally senses or feels others’ feelings and energy. Ability to ‘read’ others easily.
  • Medium: one who communicates with spirits and energies that are not in the physical world.
  • Channel: one who feels, senses, hears, or connects with energies or spirits of other dimensions or planes of reality. Also possible ability to bring energies or beings through them.
  • Telepathic: ability to accurately know what someone else is thinking.
  • Healer: one who lays hands on or over another with intention of sending positive (healing) energy, usually fed from God, Jesus, the Universe, Self, or another invoked higher source.
  • Psychic: commonly used term for someone with one or all of the above abilities.

It is also important to remember that even a psychic has a human existence. They may block their abilities from themselves to lead a more normal life. If you are able to see or sense spirits or energies of others on a constant basis, you would burn out quickly. A psychic typically shields themselves from experiencing their gift until it is needed for a session or personal use. This allows for peace during every day activities.

If you have an ability and have not found a way to ‘turn it off’, I can help! Contact me to schedule a psychic counseling session and learn easy steps to bringing peace and balance to your life, as well as control your gift so it works for you!