Online classes are an easy way to learn Psychic Development wherever you live in the world. Register for the class you are interested in and you will be added to the private Facebook group exclusively for the class. You will receive in the group all materials needed, homework assignments and can ask questions freely. Once a week you will go into the group at the selected time of class for a live feed from the teacher. You can enjoy live guided meditations, exercises and discussion on topics set for the level you are in.

*All students are required to purchase The Psychic Way: A Psychic Development Workbook to use in conjunction with the classes. The book is available on Get it now

Psychic Development Level 1

Learn the basics of Psychic Development with topics including Psychic Protection, Grounding, Clearing the space, Empaths and connecting with Angels and Spirit Guides. This course is an essential step to building a foundation for a positive spiritual experience when you are awakening. Whether you have been on the path for some time or are just coming into it, it is vital to start with these elements to keep you safe, connected and build a strong symbiotic relationship with your guides which will change the course of your life. Students will learn to do readings and healing work in class and must practice during the week outside of class, an essential part of growing the natural sixth sense. Come join us and see what gifts you have yet to unfold.

When: Thursdays

Time: Live class at 7pm-8:30pm

Fee: $99 for 4 weeks.

Psychic Development Level 2

Level 2 dives into Mediumship and the other worlds. Learn Astral Travel, speaking to the dead, channeling Angels while healing and reading others, and learn to self-heal. Students will learn to leave their body in a safe and fun way, learn to reach out into the other side and speak to those loved ones passed, bring in Angels to clear spaces and work in healing, and clear themselves of unwanted energies. Level 1 is advised before stepping into Level 2.

When: Tuesdays

Time: 7pm-8:30pm

Fee: $175

Psychic Development Level 3