Channeling Loved Ones

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Losing a loved one is one of the biggest challenges we face as mortals. It can feel as if a part of your heart is taken. And as much as you will miss them, it it also a test on our own mortality, letting us know how precious life is and how easily we can leave the world we know. This can create a depression that has more to do with facing our own mortal existence than the loss of who we love. Contacting our loved ones can not only give us closure and a peace of where they have gone on to, but can give us a gimpse at our own after life and hope that our soul eternally lives on.

Channeling Exercise

  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take long deep breaths and relax into your chair or cushion. Keep your feet on the floor and lay your hands, palms up, on your lap to call loving energy in.
  • Imagine a light coming down from your higher self, running through your chakras, aligning your energy body, and down into the ground rooting there. Feel the light grounding and balancing you. As you breathe deeper, the light expands within to fill your body completely.
  • Ask that “only those who are here for your highest good be present now.” And imagine a bubble starting tiny in the middle of the room expands out to surround the room – clearing the space.
  • Now clear your mind, as if you see only a blank page in your mind’s eye. Repeat your request within your mind or out loud, “I ask that my mother be present with me now.” or whoever you would like to connect with.
  • Relax and breathe, and allow time for them to make themselves known. You may have a feeling or receive messages in pictures, words or even smells. Pay attention to the smallest thing, as they are trying to connect with you now, too.
  • Once you feel they are in the room, ask them to give you a sign they are present. You may ask they give you a physical sensation like goosebumps or a wind through the room. Or simply fill you with a feeling of love. Open your heart to them now.
  • You may begin with asking them questions, perhaps that would help you know it is them. Perhaps to show you a memory in your mind that was a joyful time you both shared when they were alive. This will help you reconnect with them on a deeper level as well.
  • Once you feel comfortable with the connection you are making, you may ask them questions for closure or to give you insight into where they are. Listen, open your mind, and allow their messages to flow to you. Trust that you will find a common ground in the space between you to fully connect.
  • Enjoy this moment. Let their arms enfold you and express your love now. Know they are with you whenever you need them to be.
  • When you feel you have finished your session, take long deep breaths and begin to disconnect. Thank them for coming to you, so they may feel appreciated and will want to continue to connect with you. Bring your consciousness back into the room and wiggle your fingers and toes. Take your time and when you’re ready, you may open your eyes.

It is best to have someone with you during your session, to support you and even ask the questions. You can relay to them any messages or sensations you receive during the channeling. They can assist you with drinking plenty of water and listening to your experience once the session is over. You can have them write everything down as you experience it and give you their feedback which can help validate what you have seen or felt. For best results, practice this exercise once or twice a week. You will be amazed at how visual you will become and how easily you begin to receive messages. Enjoy yourself!

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