Soul Emergence

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When you allow your mind to be still and your heart to open wide, your True Form or Soul will emerge, giving you an out-of-body experience.

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Past Life Regression

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Once we become aware of what has happened in our past and heal from it, it can change who we are, and that goes for past lives as well. The difference is, knowing what your issues are is already putting you on the road to heal, but not even being aware of an issue makes it impossible for you to do something about it.

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Spirit Guides

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Spirit Guides are former friends and family in a spirit form (or helpful inter-dimensional beings) that have chosen to be with you for all or part of your lifetimes, guiding, helping and protecting you on your earthly journey. They are here to help! As Spirit Guides help you on your life path, they also learn […]

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Psychic Exercise

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Just as you must lift weights to a build muscular physique, you must exercise your psychic ability to become more clear.

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Angelic Invocation Exercise

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Write your own mantra that will invoke the angels in your life.

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