Angels and Demons

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The concept of angels and demons has been around since the beginning of time, so it seems, from biblical reference to modern movies. But what are these beings and how do they come to exist in our lives? Angels are a race of their own, beings made of light and color, often taking on human […]

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Clairsentience (or psychometry) is the ability to hold an object or touch someone and sense the energy surrounding that person or thing. When you are near a person, you feel their energy. If someone stands too close, you feel uncomfortable because their energy is within your own. If you are not close enough, sometimes you […]

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Psychic Circle Show Intro

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Hello and welcome to Psychic Circle, a new show on psychic development on AgelessknowledgeTV! I’m Ingrid Karazincir. I am very excited about this show, mainly because it is a very new concept for a show and especially to be broadcasting such a topic into the mainstream is groundbreaking! My intro: I would like to introduce […]

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Tapping into the Etheric

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What is the Etheric Realm? The Etheric Realm is the space between, the energy around and beyond us. It is multiple dimensions and layers of thought and consciousness. It is all that is not physical or third dimensional and can not normally be seen by the human eye. It can, however, be tapped into and […]

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It’s important to realize when subconscious dreaming occurs (as opposed to experiences in the dream reality), you are seeing and interacting with all part of your Self.  It is for you to interpret your own dreams, but know they are aspects of your subconscious working out inner struggles. Fear, anxiety and pain often emerge in […]

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Sexual Psychic Energy

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For a true empath, one who feels the feelings of others, also has a large energy body that expands out to attract a lot of attention. You may feel many eyes on you wherever you go. If you walk into a room, people turn to look at you. In your life you may have had […]

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Why We’re Here

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I recently had a conversation with God. I asked in my heart, “Why are we here?” I heard inside me, “To love.” I felt the beauty of this answer, but asked further, “But why then is there so much pain in the world?” I went on to hear far more than I ever imagined. “Without […]

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Letting Go of Identity

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Letting go of your identity (or the attachment to your identity) is a crucial part of being a psychic.

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Psychic Balance

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Being an intuitive has its rewards, but it can also be very challenging. Some people are born sensitive and are vulnerable at an early age to the emotions of others, spirits, their own visions. It is important to be in control of your gift and use it properly to enjoy a balanced, fruitful life. It […]

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Empathic Abilities

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Though an Empath may find many pitfalls to being sensitive, there is a great power in the gift when fully understood and harnessed. Being able to ‘read’ others is the basis of psychic ability. If you can sense how someone feels, then soon you will be able to receive more messages from their energy body.

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