Guided Meditation with Symbols

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Symbols are a key element to Guided Meditation. They help us discover more about how our mind works.

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Love Spell

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To attract love into your life is a noble dream and one that can come true without much effort at all.

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Becoming a Medium

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Channeling is a way to receive information by visions, sound or feeling from sources in alternate dimensions. It can be the method of bringing a spirit into your body or simply summoning their presence for answers and guidance. Everyone has the ability to channel, in fact it occurs on a daily basis, but perhaps goes […]

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Prep Meditation for Channeling

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You can channel your spirit guides, loved ones, angels and other friendly folk if you simply relax into meditation and prepare to receive them.

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Love Meditation

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Once we accept that we are indeed perfect just as we are, we will melt the wall of expectation and allow our lives to flow freely, effortlessly and with room for a natural evolution.

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